In 1957, the Bop-Kats were the idea of Jerry Shaw and Donny McNair. Jerry was actively and passionately imitating Carl Perkins of country music fame. Donny has a great singing voice and also started learning the guitar to play with Jerry. Shortly afterwards, Vinnie Marafioti was recruited to play rhythm guitar. While participating in high school clubs and plays at Hendrick Hudson High School in Montrose, N.Y., they enticed Gerry Kosilla to join the band as their drummer and second singer. Last but not least they found Ronnie Brodie and asked him to join the band as their accordionist. The band was complete.

The group practiced in the basements and homes of the band members, alternating the locations so that their stays were tolerable. The group was very popular in the lower Hudson Valley region, and also in East Patterson, N.J., playing high school dances, parties, street fairs, bar mitzvahs and minstrels. They entered local talent contests and won every one they entered. They appeared on Ted Mack Original Amateur Hour in 1960 and won. After the 1960 high school graduations of band members and jobs, the band broke up. Though not together, the band members continued to improve their talents and grow their musical ambitions.

The Bob-Kats were a group of 15 and 17 year olds that happened to grow up in a great time in America, the late 50's and early 60's. Enjoy the CD, close your eyes for a moment, and listen to the early rock and roll sounds from a talented group of teenagers who where having a blast enjoying the time and music.

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